about me


I'm a first generation Bolivian-American college graduate, native to the city that never sleeps. A city slicker with norde influences.  I love my family, hockey, spanish food, hip-hop, rhythm n blues, pop-culture and lifestyle. 

I strive to become an individual that transcends positive energy to others. A firm believer in being good people. My goal in life is to live with the utmost contentedness. Doing so while I make my parents proud, cementing that all their sacrifices were worth it. 

I bring thoughtfulness, experience, savviness, vision, and a willingness to learn and get better everyday.  I love creating and being imaginative. Capturing moments and connecting people to those stories is euphoric. Strategizing and bringing forth fresh ideas that could be the next big thing is what drives me to come in the next day + do it all over again.